onsdag den 19. marts 2008

Houston - We've Got Liftoff!

Ding 68!

/teleport Moonglade


/Happy dance

tirsdag den 18. marts 2008

High As a Kite... Or Atleast I'm Almost Flying

Morannon dinged 67 today, and I gamed on until half way through 67. A mere 300k xp is between my furry avatar and that coveted flight form. I. Want. It. So. Bad! 
I had my first tanking run in Sethekk Halls at 66, which turned out to be quite smooth - mostly thanks to a really nice healing paladin, who marked and guided very well. And some tough as nail dps crews :) Got my self a nice ring I'd wish I knew how to link to - that on the blogging-to-do-list.

Morannon just broke the magic 15,5k armor tonight after acquiring some rather nifty slippers in Blade's Edge Mountains. Speak a bit of bird and they seem to throw them after you - nice folks all around :)

This turned out to be another short entry, but I'm really tired after a whole day of leveling. It's almost three a clock and got a brisk appointment with the gym in morning. Last thing to note would be a talent spec I've been pondering for when I turn 70.

It's almost half n' half restoration and balance, but does include swiftmend though not all the way down to Tree of Life. If anyone has anything to comment on it I'd be grateful. I haven't tried specced caster as a druid so far, so anything is most likely educational for me :)

Anyhoo - goodnight all!

søndag den 16. marts 2008

Don't Hesitate, Lacerate!

Stealing a fellow druid bloggers name for this quick post. Morannon just turned 66 and I've been looking for a lacerate-on-mouse-over macro. Once I get a bit more spare-time I'll find one and tank the shizzle out of Outlands! :)

fredag den 14. marts 2008

Kill the Skull, Sheep the Moon and Pop the Champagne!

Had my second, third and fourth Underbog run today -  and what a blast! I find that tanking an instance you’ve never been through before is a bit like stumbling to the toilet at night without glasses or lenses (or in pitch black for those of you less visually challenged). I dont know the bosses. I dont know the way and I dont know the pulls (and apparently I dont know where to find good guides to instances either...). After a run or two the bosses are generelly down, and most of the tricky pulls are learnt by trial and oftenmost error. This time I had a very nice rogue mark and brief me tactics for the bosses, which helped quite a bit,  but by the third run I was marking, pulling and tanking like I’d never done anything else (and I admit I have). Not a single wipe, not a single death and the mobs were dying on a conveyor belt. Clean, efficient and painless pulls are great, but when they’re executed swiftly and with minimal pauses that’s a really nifty feeling.

Big thanks to some excellent healers and a crafty dps-crew is of course long overdue by now. It’s great to be 100% comfortable with the healer and just knowing that no matter what, as long as I keep the mobs from chopping him up that pally will keep me on my feet. 

That sure muddied the clear view to a level 70 existence as healer – hmmm, more and more thinking. And the trusty MacBook managed to keep me above 10 fps for most of the run. So I’m looking at two investments at the moment. A fair bit of time and gold to level my leatherworking to Heavy Clefthoof standards, and a fair bit of time and gold to level my computer to smooth-tanking standards.


Or downloading Clique and Healbot...


Ohh, and Morannon dinged 65 – apparantly a level a day is still possible J

onsdag den 12. marts 2008

The Great Spec Knockout and Vodka Shooting Competition Is Coming To An End

It's been about a fortnight since my last post and I've managed to climb a whole level up the progression ladder. Impressive dedication and awesome skillz is what I'm made of... Still I've been awfully busy with repairing my kitchen after the Great Concrete Collapse of 2008. The project ended with a very nice and very pretty kitchen table in a nice grey hue that matched my other colors of choice. Or actually, make that two nice grayish kitchen matching tables. The bugger cracked right in the middle. A beautiful straight crack, but nonetheless a big ol' crack. 
I've managed to fit a few temporary solutions regarding water and stove, but things are not at ease in the Hundred Acre Wood...

In Azeroth Morannon dinged 64 yesterday. I've decided that levelling from 60-70 is a downright b1tch. The only sensible reaction to this is a decision only to play when I'm getting rested xp to maximize the benefits my time investment. Luckily Blegfed the Warlock and Tveskaeg the Hunter are in dire need of some quality time lovin', and rested xp last quite long when the level bar is 700k long :) 
After dinging 64 and visiting the nice folks at the Moonglade I hearted back to Blade's Edge. I logged of and watched Inter leave the Champions League with a bitter defeat to Liverpool (darned english teams...). Did a wee bit of studying and went to bet. And then it hit me! Braxxis is burning in my backpack like a five dollar bill on fire in a strippers thong. Out of bed and booting up the game. Logging on without my lenses in was harder than anticipated (I'm blind as mole without 'em) but somehow I managed, and the rewards was sweeeeet. 13.000 armor and 67% damage reduction. I just became 15% more healer friendly :) And I'm just two levels away from Lacerate. ZOMG I love this game! 

At 64 Lifebloom arrived in my spellbook. The lure of resto never sleeps it seems. I was sorely tempted to respec using Phae's balance/resto leveling spec, but the huge armor boost of Braxxis has steadied my hand. For a while atleast. So 2-3 to feral but the resto/balance is pushing hard to even out the score.

onsdag den 27. februar 2008

This week has been hectic both off- and online for me. The concrete kitchen table is starting too shape up as we're putting the finishing touches to the mold and will be pouring concrete into it tomorrow evening - fingers crossed for a tad more success than last time, which shouldn't prove that difficult. On top of this I've had a one friend become a parent for the first time, and another getting pregnant - also a first-timer as far as I know. The first was planned to the last detail and a big wave of joy. /cheers and /hugs! The latter was a bit more improvised and I'm not sure how much happiness it's brought so far, but who knows, things can change. And hopefully for the better. 

Online I've been browsing blogs at my usual frenzied pace and had the pleasure to see my blog getting mentioned in Phaelia's awesome blog. Woohoo, what a rush :) Again thanks a whole lot for your blog - and hope you're having a pleasant cruise!

Second big kick of the week was to find hard evidence that someone apart from myself had been reading my blog. After less than a week on-air Fernmuzzle popped by and gave some much appriciated advice on handling the tiny bit of guilddrama I'd been exposed to. /Target Fernmuzzle /cheer.

In-game Morannon's been advancing just short of level 62 and has been gathering quite a few new toys. I've set about to learn how to do them nifty wowhead links I keep seeing in all the cool blogs around, but still no luck. I've been running Ramparts and Blood Furnace a couple of times (even healed a Ramp run!), and I really enjoy the Outland intances - loads of fun. My stopmotion tanking style is generally a good source of mobmolesting fun, but after healing the Rampart run I got the itches for turning resto. So far my healinggear is way under par but I'm thinking of starting to choose healing/balance quest rewards from now on. This way I expect a decent set of gear once I turn 64 and get to play Lifebloomer. Still, wise men keep telling me to hold of on the respeccing until the big 70 as solo-levelling will become much slower.
Resto/Balance vs. Feral: 2-1. 

Anyways, this week will most likely end in a lot of rested xp waiting to be harvested on my toons as my playtime drops like... well, dang had a good analogy here and I completely forgot it. Bugger. What I meant to say was I'm looking forward to next week and hopefully getting to 64 at some point in March. 

søndag den 24. februar 2008


This weekend real life decided to intervene and ensured I got minimal playtime on Morannon. I managed to do a few quests saturday afternoon and turn 61. This means Omen of Clarity will be boosting my progress through the levels from now on. I'm excited to see how much effect this will have on my grinding speed, but energy-free mobslappin' can't be bad! Also, I understand that there's new skills to be learnt (and gold to be spend) at each level from 60 to 70, which mean another stop at the nice people of the Moonglade. 

Next weeks headlines will be grinding, questing and the making of a concrete kitchen table - actionpacked peewee! Hopefully I'll get to see Morannon doing some laceration before the weekend and might even get my second Blood Furnace run done.

And in the Resto vs. Feral vs. BigBrownBirdie knockout tournament it seems the resto-side is gaining momentum. Despite getting my paws on Braxxis' Rod of Pre-Earthwarden Tanking Malarkey I'm sorely missing the healing game. I'll keep you posted if we see any development.